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Nov 8, 2023

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Love is in the air for Wesley and Savanah as they recently celebrated their dreamy engagement session with a breathtaking photoshoot. The couple decided to capture their love story in a series of stunning images that truly showcase their connection and joy.

For their photoshoot, Wesley and Savanah chose a romantic outdoor location that perfectly reflected their love for nature. Surrounded by towering trees, and blooming flowers, the couple basked in the beauty of the outdoors, making their photoshoot even more meaningful. The natural lighting during their outdoor engagement session added an ethereal glow to their bodies and surroundings. The soft rays of the sun kissed their skin, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. As the sun set, the sky turned into a canvas of vibrant colors.

One of the most striking aspects of their engagement shoot was the genuine happiness radiating. From the moment they entered the frame, their eyes couldn’t help but light up, and their laughter danced in the air. Throughout the shoot, Wesley and Savanah effortlessly captured the embodiment of their relationship. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their love shone brightly in every photograph. These photographs will serve as a beautiful reminder of their dreamy engagement session and the love they share.

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Kind Words

“Janice is an amazing family photographer. This year, our family went from one grandchild to five! Janice understood our time constraints for photographing four children under 1 yrs of age. She worked around the children’s schedule and was able to get all the children looking at the camera at the same time!! Our family now has the most memorable pictures of our family beach vacation…10 adults, 5 children and 2 dogs!! We look forward to documenting our family every year with Janice!!” -Carol

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