What To Bring To Your Family Session

Family Sessions

Feb 28, 2022

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When it comes to having a family session- it can be a lot with gathering the kids, figuring out what everyone will wear, being equipped with snacks and extra changes of clothes, etc. Of course, as a photographer, I never want the experience of having a family session to be a negative or stressful one. And, it is easy to keep it fun and stress-free as long as you are prepared!

This is why I’m here today to share some things that may be helpful for you to bring to your session to ensure you are fully prepared!

Ready? Let’s get into it!


As we all know, the kiddos can be tired quickly during family photos so to keep them happy bring their favorite snacks and drinks. This will keep them occupied while mom and dad are taking their photos. No one likes being hangry after all!


Always, always, always bring a spare change of clothes. Kids often tend to get dirty and babies are prone to blowouts and spitting up. So I always recommend my families to bring an extra pair of pants, dress, or shoes for the kids! If you have a baby then be sure to bring the usual which is diapers, wipes, etc. Sometimes accidents occur as well so it’s important to be prepared.


As adults, we find taking photos fun but this is not so much the case for kids. I always suggest getting something they can fidget with! This can be a small bouncy ball they hold in their hand secretly while taking photos. Or something they can do for the in-between moments while they aren’t having their photos taken!

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