The Freer family by Janice Jones Photography

It was so awesome getting to know the Freer family and seeing them all together at one time. They were such a goofy and fun bunch, I am so happy I got to work with them and I’m very excited to share this gallery with you guys!

Apr 8, 2022


The Mclain Family by Janice Jones Photography

The Mclain family was such a blessing to work with and I feel so honored to have been able to capture these special park family photos for them. They were such a fun bunch to work with and we had a ton of fun moments together. You’ll see a ton of goofy photos with them […]

Mar 28, 2022


Charleston Family photographer shares tips on bringing your dogs to your photoshoot

Need tips on bringing your dogs to your photoshoot? I get asked very often, “Can I bring my dog?” (the answer always being, heck YES!)!mI love when my clients bring their fur babies to their photo session! Your furry friend is always welcome! Now, when it comes to your dog- every dog is different. Some […]

Mar 18, 2022


Janice jones photography, what to bring to a family session

When it comes to having a family session- it can be a lot with gathering the kids, figuring out what everyone will wear, being equipped with snacks and extra changes of clothes, etc. Of course, as a photographer, I never want the experience of having a family session to be a negative or stressful one. […]

Feb 28, 2022


When it comes to your family session, picking out outfits and figuring out what to wear can be tough. It’s hard enough to figure out what you’re going to wear, let alone what your whole family will wear!

Feb 18, 2022


Edisto beach truly is one of the best locations for family sessions and is a personal favorite spot of mine. And let me tell you, I am picky when it comes to finding the perfect locations. The location of my family sessions can greatly dictate a lot in how the photos come out as they set the tone and feel for your photos!

Feb 16, 2022


Couple family photos done with me at Hampton Park, a beautiful public park, one of Charleston’s biggest and most colorful parks by Janice Jones Photography.

I love being a family photographer, but more specifically, I love being a Charleston family photographer. This career (and being in Charleston) has allowed the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderfully diverse families (I say that with no bias, of course). Charleston’s Hampton Park Family Photos Take Derek and Shasta Grotewiel for example […]

Jun 23, 2020


Family Photography in Folly Beach

Tom and Elaine Cook reached out to me one February morning inquiring about a summer family photoshoot they were planning for at Folly Beach, South Carolina. Check out the family photography in Folly Beach below. Every year, the couple and their family plan a trip, and this year they chose the gorgeous South Carolina beach […]

Mar 19, 2020


Downtown Charleston Family Photography

Jeff and Jessa came up to me one afternoon in Summerville, a small town just outside of the famous downtown Charleston, South Carolina. We’re all from the area and have known each other for a few years through mutual friends. I’ve done several Downtown Charleston Family Photography shoots for them in and around the Charleston-area. […]

Mar 5, 2020


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