6 Ways to Not Let Your Family Portraits Go to Waste

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May 17, 2024

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Family portrait sessions are an investment not only in capturing beautiful moments but also in creating lasting memories. Once you’ve had your session and received your stunning family portraits, you might wonder what to do next. Beyond hanging them on the wall, there are numerous creative and meaningful ways to showcase your family portraits. In this blog post, we’ll explore some ideas on ways to not let Your family portraits go to waste.

1. Create a Photo Album:

Turn your family portraits into a beautifully curated photo album. Whether it’s a traditional album or a modern digital version, a photo album allows you to tell the story of your family through pictures. Arrange the photos chronologically to create a visual narrative that can be cherished for years to come.

2. Customized Wall Art:

Transform your family portraits into striking wall art pieces. Choose your favorite images and consider printing them on canvas, acrylic, or metal for a contemporary look. You can opt for a single large print as a focal point or create a gallery wall with a collection of framed portraits. Displaying your family portraits prominently in your home adds warmth and personality to your living space.

3. Share Them With Loved Ones:

Spread the joy of your family portraits by sharing them with friends and relatives. Consider gifting prints or small photo books to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends. You can also create personalized greeting cards or holiday cards featuring your family portraits to send out on special occasions.

4. Incorporate into Home Decor:

Integrate your family portraits into your home décor in creative ways. Use smaller prints on shelves, mantels, or bedside tables. Experiment with photo collages, shadow boxes, or decorative frames to add visual interest to different rooms. You can also rotate your family portraits seasonally to keep your home décor fresh and dynamic.

5. Document Growth and Milestones:

Use your family portraits as a means of documenting the growth and milestones of your family over time. Schedule regular portrait sessions to capture significant moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or family reunions. Create a timeline of family portraits that showcases how your family has evolved and grown together over the years.

Your family portraits are more than just photographs—they are expressions of love, connection, and memories. By exploring creative ways to showcase and preserve your family portraits, you can ensure that they continue to bring joy and meaning to your family for years to come. Whether it’s through personalized photo albums, wall art, sharing with loved ones, or utilizing 6 Ways to Not Let Your Family Portraits Go to Waste, find ways to incorporate your family portraits into your everyday life and cherish them as treasured keepsakes.

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