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Oct 25, 2023

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As I set foot on the sandy beach with my camera in hand, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of excitement rushing through me. Today, I had the privilege of capturing the love and joy radiating from a beautiful family celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Jessica and Daniel, together with their two younger children, had chosen this coastline as the backdrop for their milestone celebration. And what better way to celebrate with a beautiful beach family photoshoot.

As I caught sight of them, it was evident that this family was a testament to love and commitment. Jessica and Daniel stood side by side, the very essence of happiness after a decade together. The couples love seemed to grow stronger with each passing year, and it was a pleasure to witness them reminiscing about their journey and recounting countless cherished memories.

Their two younger children added an extra touch of joy to the beach. Their daughter, a bundle of energy and curiosity, was instantly drawn to the waves crashing on the shore. The adrenaline in her eyes sparked as she splashed and played, laughter echoing through the air. Their sweet son, a gentle soul with a curious mind, picked up seashells along the shoreline, his eyes gleaming with wonder. As we wrapped up the day I was just so overwhelmed with joy that I had the pleasure to create more memories for the Wilbur family, to celebrate 10 years with a beach family photoshoot.

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Kind Words

” Amazing photos, I highly recommend Janice! She has done our family photos twice now and she did senior photos for my son. She is friendly, organized, professional, an expert in the field communicates well throughout the whole process, and does everything she can to personalize the experience! I cannot say enough good things about her! If you need photos, definitely use her!!! ” -Terri

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