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Jan 12, 2023

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The Lewis family session was a joyful affair, with the two older teen boys, two older teen girls, and their parents all in attendance. The session was held at the family’s property in North Carolina, which had a barn and several horses. The kids had a great time exploring the property and the surrounding area. Everyone had a great time, and the photos taken captured the joy and happiness of the family.

When the session was over, the kids were all smiles and thanked their parents for allowing them to have such a wonderful experience. Everyone was happy and thankful to have been able to spend some quality time together and take some beautiful photos to remember the occasion. The Lewis family photos were a great success, and the memories made that day will last a lifetime.

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“We have never had so many great photos taken of us! Janice delivered us so many wonderful pictures and she captured us as a new family of three. Janice and her assistant made us feel like family from the moment our session started. We cannot wait to use her again for our next family photo shoot!”


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