What You Should Bring To Your Senior Session


Feb 9, 2024

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Senior photo sessions are a special and memorable experience, marking the end of a significant chapter in a student’s life. To ensure a successful and stress-free session, it’s important for seniors to come prepared with the right essentials. Here’s your guide on what you should bring to your senior session.

1: Clothing

Selecting the right outfits is crucial for achieving a variety of looks in your photos. Bring a mix of casual and formal attire to provide diversity in your shots. It’s also important to bring two to three outfit choices. Don’t forget accessories like hats, scarves, or jewelry to add personal flair. Remember to choose colors that complement your skin tone and the photo shoot location.

2: Cap and Gown

If your senior session is close to graduation, consider bringing your cap and gown for a classic and symbolic addition to your photos. This timeless element adds a touch of formality and represents the culmination of your high school journey.

3: Props & Personal Items

Bring props that reflect your interests, hobbies, or achievements. Whether it’s a musical instrument, sports gear, or a stack of your favorite books, these items can add a unique touch to your photos. Additionally, consider bringing sentimental objects like a childhood toy or a letter jacket to capture personal memories.

4: Touch up & Essentials

To stay fresh throughout the session, pack some touch-up essentials. A small makeup kit, hairbrush, and hair ties can be handy for quick fixes. This ensures you look your best in every shot, especially if the session extends for a longer duration.

5: Communication & Coordination

Stay in touch with your photographer before the session to discuss any specific ideas or requests you may have. Clear communication ensures that both you and the photographer are on the same page, resulting in a more personalized and satisfying experience.

By being well-prepared with these essential items, seniors can make the most of their senior photo session. Remember that this is a celebration of your accomplishments and a chance to express your unique personality. With careful planning and consideration, you’ll have a collection of photos that beautifully capture this significant moment in your life. I hope these tips on what you should bring to your senior session helped!!

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