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Oct 4, 2023

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I recently had an amazing time doing a beach family photoshoot in Charleston for the cutest family of five! Let me tell you, capturing those precious moments of love and joy was an absolute blast. The session took place on a sunny day at one of Charleston’s gorgeous beaches. As soon as I arrived, I could feel the excitement in the air. The couple was beyond thrilled to capture some beautiful memories with their three adorable children – two little girls and a mischievous little boy.

The Kiddos

We started by taking individual portraits of each family member. And oh my goodness, the kids were absolutely precious! With their bright eyes and contagious smiles, they brought so much personality to each shot. You could tell they were excited to show off their unique personalities in front of the camera. We let the kids loose to play together on the sandy beach next, and it was pure magic! Watching them chase each other, build sandcastles, and giggle uncontrollably was a true joy. I made sure to capture every little moment, freezing their innocence and happiness forever.

Time For Some Silliness!

Of course, what’s a family photoshoot without a little silliness? We encouraged the kids to make funny faces, and boy, did they deliver! From silly tongue-out poses to epic nose scrunching, each shot brought more laughter to the scene. The parents joined in the fun too, and we had a hilarious time capturing these spontaneous and carefree moments. The grand finale of the session came in the form of bubbles! I brought along a bubble blower, and as soon as the first bubbles filled the air, life couldn’t get any better. The kids were mesmerized, running and jumping to catch them. The laughter and pure joy that filled the beach was absolutely priceless. It was a magical way to conclude the session and create memories they’ll cherish forever!

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Kind Words

“She is so talented, kind, patient and she knows all the best spots to take photos! I knew the second we were heading to Charleston, to call Janice and book a family session. I will always choose her for our needs when we travel! Thanks Janice for being a dear friend and an amazing photographer!” -Beth

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