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Mar 10, 2023

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Do you want to create memories that will last a lifetime? Taking outdoor fall family photos is the perfect way to do just that! Picture yourself at a beautiful location, surrounded by lush greenery and the peaceful sounds of nature. As the sun filters through the trees, you and your family will be able to capture moments that you’ll cherish forever. Plus, the natural setting will make for a unique and unforgettable photoshoot. From majestic trees to streams and meadows, there’s no shortage of stunning backgrounds to choose from. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for playful and candid poses that will truly capture the love and bond your family shares.

Make sure to wear outfits that match the location, just like the reeder family did. They chose outfits that coordinated really well as a whole and also that went perfect with a fall color palette. Justin and April have two sweet boys and they had a great time climbing the tree and messing with each other. I like to let younger kids play around and have dun during family session instead of having them sit still the whole time. This way they are more likely to cooperate and I also get some fun and candid shots while they’re being themselves.

To see more of these outdoor fall family photos in South Carolina, keep scrolling!

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Janice Jones Photography exceeded our expectations in every way! We were interested in generational photos of our family at Wild Dunes. Janice and her assistant were the ultimate professionals. In less than an hour we had phenomenal pictures of our entire family from age 2 years to 64 years! Janice accomplished this without a lot of fuss and the numerous snaps could not have been easier. I will treasure our pictures for years to come and will not hesitate to call on Janice again. Thank you, Janice, for making our vacation memories ones we will enjoy forever!

– Jamie Bowling

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