How To Prepare Your Children For Family Photos

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May 27, 2022

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When you’re getting your family photos done, you want it to be a pleasant and fun experience with your kiddos. It can become stressful easily when your kids are not listening or are getting very antsy during photos. So, I’m here to help you with how to prepare your children for family photos. There are many ways to prepare your kiddos for photos but I’m going to share the most general and helpful tips! My goal is for you to have the best experience possible with no stress and only excitement!

If you are ready to know how to prepare your children for family photos, scroll down below.


Making sure your kids have a full stomach before your family photo session is very important. if your session is going to overlap with dinner time, breakfast, or lunch, feed them before the session. Make sure they have enough time to digest and use the bathroom if needed. You can bring snacks for them to munch on such as crackers, fruit, or granola bars. Something small and easy for them to eat is perfect.


Make sure you and your kids drink plenty of water throughout the day and before your family photo session. Bring water along with you during the session too. They will more than likely be amped up and want to run around making them need water.


You never know what to expect with kids. In case there is an accident, spill, or anything, bring extra clothing, shoes, wipes, etc. You never know what you might need so it’s very good to be prepared for these types of situations.


For any age kid, bring a comfort item from home. This could be a teddy bear, a small toy, a blanket, etc. If your kid gets upset at any point in time or is shy this will help! Have patience with them and all will be okay. Bringing a comfort item from home will calm them.


Talk to your kiddos prior to the session whether it’s the morning or the day of. Tell them what to expect and get them excited to see the camera! Kids get excited for just about everything but letting them know what to expect won’t give them any unpleasant surprises and they’ll be ready.

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“My family had a great time during our photoshoot with Janice! She made everything so easy and comfortable! I hope once all of my family can be together again we can do another shoot with her! The pictures turned out amazingly! She is very professional but makes everyone feel at ease. Thank you so much for capturing our family so beautifully!”

-Melanie Fann

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