Tips On Bringing Your Dogs To Your Photoshoot

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Mar 18, 2022

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Need tips on bringing your dogs to your photoshoot? I get asked very often, “Can I bring my dog?” (the answer always being, heck YES!)!mI love when my clients bring their fur babies to their photo session! Your furry friend is always welcome! Now, when it comes to your dog- every dog is different. Some are calm and can sit still while others are constantly running around showing off their big personalities- husky owners, I’m talking to you(;.

So, if you’re wanting to bring your dog to your upcoming session but are unsure of what you can do to prepare, just keep on scrolling for all of the tips!


One of the hardest things when it comes to photographing those sweet little fur babies is getting them to actually sit still and look at the camera! If you bring a toy they like, however, it is typically a great tool for me to have to keep their attention on me and therefore the camera!


Reward your dog for great behavior! If we have them sit repeatedly, it may be tiring. I would recommend having a few treats on hand to keep them engaged. Also, along with your bag of dog goodies, don’t forget some water and doggy bags.


This one may sound funny but you will want them to somewhat match you! If you are all wearing creamy neutrals and your dog has a neon green collar or leash- it may not look the best. These are the little things you’ll want to consider!


I recommend picking outfits that are comfortable, yet cute. Ones that you can pretty much get into whatever position you need to without being worried about showing “too much” …you know what I mean? Try to pick something that can get some hair on it and potentially a little mud. Avoid black, white and any color to wear dog hair can be easily noticed on you!


If you can, exercise your dog prior to the shoot. This can be done by heading to the dog park prior to the session (just make sure you have some towels to wipe off any slobber or mud) or can also be accomplished with a brisk walk from the car to our shooting location. Just remember, the more exercise they get prior, the less hyper they will be!


Think about bringing someone along to help! It can be helpful to have someone there to hold the leashes while we whisk you away to grab some human only shots. It is also helpful to have someone to help round up the herd and supply me with dog treats and to play peek-a-boo with the dogs behind my back. This person can be a friend or family member-just make sure that they love your dog as much as you do! And as a thank you, invite them to join you for a couple of shots!

This sounds so simple, but it is important, please remember that dogs are dogs…not humans. We need to cater the session to allow them to be comfortable. They get easily distracted, and they can only behave for so long without a break or snack. I liken dogs in my sessions to small children…keep them happy!

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